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2Click2Call was developed to simplify the channels of communications between consumers and businesses using advanced Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Features & Advantages

Click2Call provides administrators with universal access to modify features from one easy to use interface.

  1. Administrative Account
  2. Personal Settings
  3. Call Logs
  4. Media Manager
  5. Customer Tracking and Messaging

  1. Lower customer abandonment rates which traditionally arise from long hold times or busy signals.
  2. Manage the flow of incoming calls to the appropriate department within your organization.
  3. Connect with international clients faster and easier.
  4. Save money with this low cost alternative to your toll free numbers.
  5. Enhance your E-Commerce strategy. This technology has been one of the factors driving over 60% growth on most website revenues.
  6. Provide a value added service to your customers. This technology has proven to increase the end userís website experience by 50%.
  7. By employing this technology, businesses have benefited from an increase in their customer transactions by as much as 100% in comparison to toll free callers.
  8. 88% of click-to-call users say they are more likely to contact a company that offers this technology on its site than one that does not.

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