As a Canadian technology company, DLC Worldwide was founded with the vision of developing next generation telecommunication services. In doing so, the company has integrated the advantages of telephone, Internet and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to create an innovative suite of technologies which businesses and consumers use to communicate.

Solutions That Connect

  1. DingaLing Long Distance - A cost effective alternative to making local and long distance calls from your landline or mobile phone with a simple click of a button.

  2. 2Click2Call - Never search for a phone number again! With 2Click2Call, your customers can connect with you directly from your web page.

  3. Advertiser Paid Calling - It's 2Click2Call with the advantage of high volume audio and visual advertising.

The DLC Worldwide Advantage

Simply put, DLC Worldwide's technology appeals to the mass market with its simplicity. The challenge for existing VoIP only carriers lies in reaching the mass market and gaining user acceptance. Currently this process is more technically complex for the user, requiring the purchase of additional hardware pieces or downloading supplementary software.

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Solutions That Connect