DLC Worldwide's Advertiser Paid Calling (APC) is an extension to 2Click2Call with the added features of voice and visual advertising. It seamlessly connects customers visiting a website to published phone numbers with the click of a button. The advantage of this program lies in its ability to generate revenue through a new business model via premium advertising.

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Features & Advantages

Advertiser Paid Calling provides administrators with universal access to modify features from one easy-to-use interface.

  1. Call Delay
  2. Remember this Number
  3. Status Updates
  4. Maximum Call Length


The Consumer

  1. Ease and convenience with one click calling
  2. Free long distance calls
  3. Connects calls from home, office, or cell
  4. Crystal clear connections

The Provider

  1. New channel to generate revenue
  2. Higher advertising rates
  3. Increase traffic
  4. Value added service for the consumer
  5. 'Always On' network supporting call delivery
  6. Generates customer and brand loyalty

The Advertiser

  1. Higher rate of exposure
  2. Higher rate of engagement with the consumer with audio and visual ads
  3. Opens a new channel for marketing and advertising
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