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DLC Conferencing is an advanced conference calling system based on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. The service connects an unlimited number of conference participants for only pennies per minute. DLC Conferencing is the first hassle free system that conveniently links all participants to a conference without a dial-in number.

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Features & Advantages
  • Flexible Conference Scheduling:
    DLC Conferencing allows Moderators to schedule up to three conference dates and times for their participants to choose from. All Participant feedback is emailed back to the Moderator who then can decide what date to reserve based upon each Participant’s response.

  • Control Your Conference Call Expenditures:
    With DLC Conferencing there are no hidden fees – Moderators only pay for the minutes used. Since all conferences scheduled follow a pre-paid system, Moderators control how much they wish to spend and the balance is always available for viewing on the Moderators personal account page.

  • Email Reminders:
    DLC Conferencing will email the Moderator and their Participants a friendly reminder about the upcoming conference one half hour before the scheduled conference is to begin.

  • Automatic Connections:
    DLC Conferencing’s advanced automated connection system calls all conference Participants and links them to the scheduled conference call. There is no need to worry about dial in codes and you will never miss a meeting! DLC Conferencing connects you on time, every time.

  • Automatic Connection Redial:
    In the event DLC Conferencing cannot reach a Moderator or Participant at the scheduled conference time, the system will automatically redial the number in intervals in an attempt to connect the Participant to the conference.

  • Roll–over Minutes:
    DLC Conferencing will notify Moderators when their pre-paid time is nearing to zero during a conference call in progress. If the Moderator chooses to continue with the call, DLC Conferencing will automatically add a credit of 5 minutes to the account, allowing the Moderator to finish any additional business with Participants.

  • Address Book:
    Moderators have the ability to store an unlimited number of contacts that can be added to a conference with a single click of a button.
  • Low Cost Alternative:
    Since DLC Conferencing is based upon VoIP technology, Moderators save a considerable amount of money on each long distant conference call. Check out our rates and compare with the competition put in rate link here.

  • Easy to Use:
    Moderators can create conferences with a click of a button.

  • Single Moderator Registration:
    DLC Conferencing only requires one person to register an account with the service as a “Moderator”. A Moderator has the freedom to invite as many Participants as they wish to any one conference session, and Participants do not need to register an account with DLC Conferencing.

  • Multi-Location Conferencing:
    With DLC Conferencing, Participants can join a conference from their home, mobile, or office phone.

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