Using DingaLing Long Distance is easy! Call anywhere, anytime, with a simple click of a button. Start today and save on local and long distance phone calls from your landline or mobile phone.

DingaLing Long Distance

DingaLing's technology is a true VoIP service free of any additional hardware that can be used with your home phone, office phone, mobile, or PDA device. The service can be initiated through two methods: web interface at and text messaging, via cell phones.

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Features & Advantages

Enjoy the latest in VoIP calling with features such as: Text Code, Call Delay, and Low Long Distant Rates!

  1. NEW! Text Code
  2. Pre-Pay Service
  3. Number Registration
  4. Call Delay
  5. Call Logs

DingaLing Long Distance DOES NOT:

  1. Require special hardware in contrast to many VoIP providers.
  2. Involve technical skills to install, operate, or maintain.
  3. Need broadband in the home as all other VoIP providers.
  4. Use long term commitments or contracts.
  5. Charge monthly or hidden fees of any kind.

DingaLing Long Distance ALLOWS YOU TO:

  1. Maintain your existing phone sets.
  2. Enjoy the same reliability and quality of service from your phone system.
  3. Save money on your long distance landline and cell charges (up to 90% for some cell phone users).
  4. Pay for what you use, not for having the service.
  5. Use the most basic Internet connection to operate efficiently.
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