Key Features Included with 2Click2Call

2Click2Call provides admistrators with universal access to modify features from one easy to use interface.
  • Administrative Account - Manage account settings and monitor calls from one easy to use interface.
  • Personal Settings - Customize the 2Click2Call online solution in real time:
    • Update 'Call to Numbers'
    • Set time zone
    • Set business hours
    • Enable Voice Whisper
    • Select countries where web visitors can call from
    • Indicate whether calls are accepted from mobile phones
    • Register Multiple 'Call to Numbers'
    • Allow customers to provide media (submit / upload different graphics for their customized ads)
  • Call Logs - Track call history and receive notification of missed calls. It includes:
    • Customer's phone number
    • Customerís country of origin
    • Duration of the call
    • Date and time of call request
    • Status of the call (Blocked mobile number, call made outside regular business hours, your business line was busy during the call request, or initial call request was not successful)
  • Media Manager - Allows for the management of audio files heard by the user.
  • Customer Tracking and Messaging - After initiating the call request, the status of the request is provided to the customer.